Being a small group leader can be challenging in any age group. When you’re living life with people it’s easy for things to get messy very quickly. It’s so easy to forget important truths that anchor why we do what we do. When we lead a small group we are working to connect, mentor, and guide simultaneously and that process can really distract from the bigger picture because we are focused on just a few significant relationships.

I am the student and family pastor at my church and week after week there are a few truths we have to continually speak into our small groups leaders because they tend to forget them in the messiness of life-on-life discipleship. Here are six BIG reminders for everyone out there committed to leading small…

  • What you’re doing matters // you are not just a volunteer. You are a minister investing in the next generation. We like to remind our SGLs that they are the youth pastors at Relevant Student Ministry. The time small group leaders give matters!
  • They need you even if they never tell you // they love the fact that you are consistently in their lives but your small group may not tell you that. Remember they need you and their parents want you there even if you never get that affirmation from your group.
  • Continually think long term // we love quick results but we have to constantly look at the big picture and commit to the process of being present in their lives for the long run.
  • You will have bad nights at small group and that’s OK // the best group leaders have off nights. Push through. It’s going to be fine.
  • I’m here for you, how can I help? // we constantly remind our group leaders they can come to us, the church leadership, for help. Small group leaders are never alone!
  • God is responsible for life change // God changes and shapes lives, not us. We have to trust God to do the work only God can do.


As small group leaders, you are the force behind a ministry – please don’t ever think you are not valued and needed (by your students and the church leadership team).  And on behalf of said leadership team – thank you for all you do.

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