Today during our student small group, my kids brought up questions they’ve never asked before. Lately I’ve struggled with wondering if I’m really making a difference in lives of the students in my group. Because, let’s be honest. Life as a small group leader isn’t always puppies and rainbows. Students play on their phones, laugh off the questions, and somehow we always end up taking about pre destination and the rapture. But today the students in my group taught me something.

They taught me that they’re here because they want to grow. Even if they don’t always show it.

They’re here to learn about Jesus. To grow in their faith.

Our student ministry vision statement is “to help kids take the next step on their spiritual journey.” As a small group leader, I get the honor to sometimes see that light bulb moment. That moment when it all comes together in their minds.

I’m writing this so those other SGLs will stay focused, because even though it may not always feel like it, what we do makes a difference. I pray for my few each morning, hoping they make wise decisions and that the things we’ve talked about will stick the rest of the week. But I never expected what they’ve taught me in the last year and a half would change my life and power my faith like it has.


Written by Zach Burke

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