Dirt cookies.

Certainly not the most appetizing sounding cookie in the world. But around our church we get really excited when you mention them. Let me tell you why.

Last summer our high school students attended Never the Same Camp in Houghton, NY. On the last day of camp they were challenged to take home a mission to carry out throughout the coming year. A group of senior girls accepted a mission to feed hungry families in Haiti. Families who literally make cookies out dirt because something in their bellies is better than nothing, even if it is dirt.

Their initial goal was to raise enough funds to feed two families for an entire year. It seemed ambitious but they wanted to set the bar high. They formed what they called The Dirt Cookie Administration and began brainstorming ideas of how to accomplish their goal.

They decided selling cookies was an appropriate start because of their group name and laid plans for a bake sale. They not only baked cookies themselves, but recruited others to contribute and help as well. They partnered with our church’s monthly Family FX as a way that families could rally around a mission together and help to feed the hungry. Their compelling vision was cast before our church and people bought in. The cookies flew off the shelves. Donations came in. And that’s when they realized they were really on to something. They decided to make t-shirts and a Facebook page and keep pressing forward.The bake sale was a huge success so they hosted a yard sale. People from our church and student ministry donated their stuff to be sold off. It was another huge success.

Their last big fundraising event was a benefit night at a local Denny’s. They invited everyone they could from the church and the community to come out and give to the mission. Families brought their children to eat and donate. The support was overwhelming.

At the end of the year they had more than doubled their initial and raised enough funds to feed four families in Haiti for a year. We all know that students won’t feel significant unless we give them something significant to do. Watching these girls lead this mission was one of the highlights of my career and perfectly illustrates the potential that lies within a unified small group.

Let’s move them out!

Story by: Andy Broad

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