When you say “Amen” to the closing prayer you have about 10 golden minutes before your small group says their goodbyes and heads back into another week of life.  It’s tempting to use this time to clean up or shoot the breeze.

But what if you were more intentional with even the smallest amounts of time? Let’s face it; we only have one hour—at best—carved out for our few, our handful of students, each week. One hour a week. To discuss God, life, and develop a deep, trusting relationship. Of course, that’s why it’s important to connect throughout the week as much as possible and spend some time on their turf. But you’ve still been given that hour. Use it (all of it) to set the foundation for meaningful one-on-one relationships.


1. Crowd Control—Inevitably you will have one student who wants to dominate the lesson with questions or bring up an off-color topic that might be a bit too personal for the rest of the group.  These topics are perfect for the 10-minute window after group.  Here’s what you say, “Susie, I can tell you are really interested in that.  I am going to keep going with our lesson right now, but can you and I take some time as soon as group is over to talk more about that?”

2. Choose One—Each week, ask God to reveal one student in your group who needs more focused attention from you.  As soon as group is done, zoom over to them first and give them your ear.  Make sure not to choose the same group member each week.

The Small Group meeting is the one time where everyone is together, so if you are intentional you can make every minute count.

What are some ways you have been able to make the most of each minute you’ve been given with your few?

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