It’s a new year. A new year always brings a fresh breath, maybe some crazy resolutions, and a new semester in student ministry. As leaders, sometimes we can get into a point where we kind of feel like we have our lives together (or at least in comparison to the students we are leading.)

A few years ago, I really began to feel a pull to better myself. Over a two month span, I heard the phrase “leaders are readers” about five or six times from different people. That inspired me to set a goal to start reading more regularly. Not only that but I began to set goals for myself each year. I would set goals for my personal life and goals for my professional life.

The idea of setting goals isn’t for everyone, but there is something strategic about the act of setting goals. And studies have proven that setting goals not only increases our motivation but it also boosts our rate of success!

Now that 2018 is underway, I challenge you to take a step back and set some goals for this year. Set goals personally. Maybe you want to get in shape or be more intentional about spending time with family. Set goals professionally. Do you want to read fifty books this year? Do you want to aim towards applying for that promotion?

Want to really make your ministry personal for you? Set ministry goals. Maybe you want to grow your small group from three students to twenty (and then maybe think about breaking into two groups.) Maybe you want to step out and speak some this year in your large group environment. Maybe you want to lead a book study with a group of seniors to help them prepare for college.

Are you new to goal setting? If you are, here are are a few tips for you.

  1. Write your goals down. Don’t just think about them. Writing them down makes them look and feel more concrete.
  2. Make your goals achievable. Part of what keeps us from goal setting is the fear of failing at it. So make your goals achievable.
  3. Start working toward your goals today! Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

Do you have any ministry goals that you’ve set this year? We’d love to hear about it. Do you have any tips on how to achieve ministry goals? Share those too. The things you’ve learned may be just the thing that another leader needs to hear!

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Johnathan Baldwin

Johnathan is a student ministries pastor from Indiana who loves youth ministry, sports, summertime, great coffee (depending on the situation, not so great coffee works too), my dog (Marcie), and as of lately a good book. Over the past couple years, Johnathan has felt a growing passion for guiding and empowering leaders to lead students. He believes that if we call people to greatness, they will achieve greatness.

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