Kool and The Gang had a great song titled Celebration.

In case you think you’ve never heard of Kool & The Gang, maybe this video will jog your memory.

The chorus went like this:

“Celebrate good times, come on!
(It’s a celebration)
Celebrate good times, come on.  Let’s celebrate.”

Kool and The Gang got it right.  They knew the right time to celebrate. And my fellow SGLs, it’s almost that time for us.

With the end of the school year upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how to celebrate our few.  Celebrating our few is a great way to finish well.  Celebrating brings a sense of closure to the group as the school year ends and ends on a positive note.

It’s so important to celebrate the steps your few have taken in their relationship with God.   

It doesn’t matter how big or how many steps our few have made in their relationship with God.  But what does matter is that they are taking forward steps as the grow and experience God.  And that is always worth celebrating!

When we celebrate our few, we are lavishing them with love and encouragement.

The small group leader who celebrates shows happiness that something good has happened.

Bottom line: Celebratory small group leaders are always looking for a reason to show recognition to their fews’ spiritual growth.

Here are four ways to celebrate your few:

Throw a end of the year party.  Here are some helpful tips for the party-planning challenged:

  • Go to the local party store and purchase streamers, balloons, party favors, etc.
  • Make sure there is food at the party. (Students love free food!)
  • Take this time to do something different: Xbox party, Ultimate Frisbee game, a spa party, etc.
  • Rather than staying at your normal location, move the party to the nearest ice cream shop, coffee shop or restaurant.

Write a personalize letter and mail it.  In this letter affirm how they have grown spiritually and affirm and praise them for who God is calling them to be. Give very specific examples.  Plus feel free to cast vision for who you see them becoming as they mature.

Create a picture collage.  Find all those great pictures of your small group when you were at camp, retreats, service projects and during large group and small group times.  Once you found all your best pictures of your group, use a free app to create your picture collage.  Here are the 9 best photo college apps (http://bit.ly/1AOsLOG).  Once the collage is complete, make photo prints of your collage, buy a picture frame and give it to your few.

Make a gift bag.  Give a personalized gift bag to each student in your small group.  Fill the gift bag with the students favorite snacks and candy.  Make sure to include a personalized encouraging note and if you are feeling extra nice include a gift card.   The best store to go to for these gift bags is the dollar store.  You can get a lot of fun stuff for really cheap.

As the school year ends, make sure to take some time to celebrate your few.  What are some other ways to celebrate your few?

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Jeremy holds a B.A. in Communication from University of Minnesota as well as a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has a passion for connecting with and learning from student pastors, deliberatively researching, reading, and blogging about student ministry and family ministry, dabbling with online technology and experimenting in ministry lifestyle design and productivity in the church. Jeremy and his wife, Mikaela, live in Alpharetta, Georgia, where he serves as an Orange Specialist with the XP3 Student team.

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