When is the last time you had fun?  No seriously, take a second and think about it…can you think of a time in the last few weeks you had fun?

When I was a kid, I had no problem having fun.  I could waste an entire day doing nothing of any value, with absolutely no agenda other than spending time with people I enjoyed.  Now that I have children of my own, I have no time to waste because my agenda (family life, work) keeps me focused on what is really valuable (completing my work, maintaining the house, protecting the family’s schedule).

As we get older, it is important that we embrace the responsibility we’ve been given.  The problem is that responsibility often forces us to focus on the task.  The tasks must be completed, but if we are not careful, the tasks can accidentally replace our relationships.  Fun reminds us that it’s the person not the task that matters.

As I journey with the guys in my Small Group, it is easy for me to remember:

  • the importance of living my faith in front of them
  • providing accountability for them
  • helping them ask good questions about Scripture
  • focusing on the next step they need to take in their faith journeys.

However, it is sometimes difficult to remember the importance of having fun. 

When my students start to wander away from God, or it just doesn’t seem like anybody is paying attention anymore, I have the tendency to run to the to-do list.  The to-do list is safe and it makes me feel spiritual, but most often it just serves to remind me how far I am from where I want to be with my guys.  It’s counterintuitive, but sometimes the most spiritual thing I can do with my guys is have fun.  

As I thought about the fun I’ve had with my group, I had a few observations:

  • Fun develops a deeper bond in the group.  Fun can build a powerful connection between people in a way almost nothing else can.
  • Fun reminds me that my guys are people God loves.  When I forget to have fun I often see my guys as projects for me to fix, not people to love.
  • Fun creates space for meaningful conversation.  Many times my guys will open up more hiding in a bunker while paintballs fly by our heads, than they ever would sitting in a circle in a living room.
  • Fun reminds us that God is not boring!

So, I ask you again, when is the last time you had fun? When’s the last time you had fun with your small group?  More importantly, when’s the last time you had fun with your spouse, kids, friends?  If you don’t know, maybe it’s time to plan something fun.


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