Before we know it, summer will be here, school will be out, and our students will be sleeping in until noon. They’ll also start disconnecting from “normal life.”

We were all there at some point. After spring break, school becomes a struggle. I’m sure it’s even worse for the teachers dealing with students that care even less than normal!

What I see, more often than not, is that numbers drop during the summer. We see our students less and less. Instead of getting down in dumps about the reality of the summer rhythm, take advantage of it and change the way you “meet” with you few. Between family vacations, lake weekends, and sports, we all have students that we don’t see after Memorial Day weekend until after Labor Day weekend. This is a unique time that you can leverage for good. Push for some other more organic hang outs to happen.

Don’t become invisible.

You know what I mean. I’m not talking about an invisibility cloak. I mean don’t let your relationship with your few become non-existent during the summer months. These are actually the months that could drastically grow your relationships if you are intentional about it.

I have two easy ways to make sure you don’t become invisible to your few this summer.

  1. Don’t let your relationship with your few depend on your youth pastor. Schedule some out of the ordinary hangouts. Get coffee with one of your students. Send a couple texts, and get a group together to hang out at the local pool. Corral a couple students to go watch another student play softball. Bottom line: do things. Whatever you choose to do, commit and do it.
  2. Stay connected to your few on social media. Retweet something funny they tweeted. Comment on their Instagram post. Clue them into things going on in your life like a funny story or a crazy pic. It’ll make them feel as though they’re “in the know.” Or send them a text in the morning to let them know you are praying for them. *Pro tip: Actually be praying for them as well.

During the summer, it’s easy to lose touch with the people we aren’t required to see every day. Don’t let that happen with your small group. Stay in touch with them. Hang out with them outside of youth group. Kick back and have some fun, but whatever you do, don’t become invisible.

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Johnathan Baldwin

Johnathan is a student ministries pastor from Indiana who loves youth ministry, sports, summertime, great coffee (depending on the situation, not so great coffee works too), my dog (Marcie), and as of lately a good book. Over the past couple years, Johnathan has felt a growing passion for guiding and empowering leaders to lead students. He believes that if we call people to greatness, they will achieve greatness.

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