Every time I fly, there are some processes I can count on. Security is part of the flying experience, and it’s necessary for making travel the safest experience for everyone involved. I come prepared with shoes that are easy to slip on and off. I don’t wear a belt with a metal buckle, and am I always prepared with IDs and ticket in hand for what is to come in the long security line.

It always amazes me to see people who are frustrated with the security procedures. While they are time-consuming, they really are worth it for the safety I feel in exchange. I have allowed myself to embrace the time-consuming process of security in exchange for knowing I can travel with a stronger sense of safety.

We get to travel with our students through a pivotal time in their lives. In a time where it can be hard to determine whether it is safe to engage their faith. Your students may be wondering if you are a safe environment to all the questions and struggles going on in their day to day lives. Are you prepared for the sometimes time-consuming process of creating a safe space for your students as they travel through difficult times?

When you fly somewhere there are a few questions they will ask you at the airport. By asking a few questions with your students now, you’re setting them up to have an authentic faith beyond the walls of your church. Questions like…
Do you have a question you want to ask here but you haven’t yet?
Is there something weighing on you that we could talk about?
Are you carrying anything for anyone else?

Walk with your students into these big questions and create an environment where it is safe open a dialogue to discover and explore together.


By PC Walker

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