I’ve always loved vacation bible school. As a kid, it was the music, the drama, the crafts we made and learning about God’s story that entertained me. As I got a little older, it was leading kids in recreation, running around the church to find an extra pair of scissors for small group leaders and watching the children find God and grow in their faith.

This year, however, I was asked to do something I never thought I could do: lead a small group. I’m 17 years old, and it was a big step for me. I’ve never done something so direct in vacation bible school. Sure, I had been able to help out here and there, but never had I actually led a group of kids in a setting like this. I was honestly a little scared that I would be a bad example, that the kids wouldn’t learn from me, or that I couldn’t lead them. As I realized the responsibility I had for these kids, and the expectation placed upon me that I was to lead them closer to God—I was terrified.

When the first day came, and I met the kids that would look up to me as their leader, I didn’t think I could do it. Looking back, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life, if not for the fellowship, leadership and discipleship of it all, then for one reason in particular:

I had the opportunity to lead two of my kids to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.

On Thursday, two of my boys came forward during the invitation. I took them aside and walked through the Gospel with them, making sure they understood what I was communicating to them, and the weight of the decision they were about to make. When I finished, I asked them, “Would you like to accept Jesus into your heart to forgive your sins?” They looked me in the eye, nodded their heads, and said yes. I prayed with them and realized something huge: none of this would have been possible if I hadn’t said yes to leading. I wouldn’t have gotten to meet my kids. I wouldn’t have planted the seed of the Gospel in their lives, and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have gone to the back to help lead them to Christ.

I realize now just how much God loves to use us—His children—to accomplish things that He could do on His own, just so we can see the affects His glory has on other people. If you’ve ever had second thoughts about leading a small group, I’d encourage you right now to just do it. It’s an amazing thing to experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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