How can you know that the person you are gift shopping for is a preschool small group leader?  Just watch for any of these telltale items on your shopping list this season.

  1. Gold sweater in the exact shade of gold as Goldfish crackers. Crumbs blend in, and you can go directly to your next service without needing to change clothes.
  2. Jeans with reinforced knees. The reinforced knees aren’t for crawling. They ensure that the knees will not fade after intense laundry washing needed in order to remove nasal mucus that is wiped on the knees each week.
  3. Tie dyed shirt that can easily hide stray markings from dot-markers or paint brushes that are so excitedly flailed around during preschool craft times.
  4. Oversized Sweater with extra pockets necessary for holding the weekly assortment of rocks, sticks, or wildflowers brought in by the preschoolers as gifts that they “found for you” on the way in from the parking lot.
  5. Small journal for “I can top that” prayer requests that have been shared by their little ones. Preschoolers have the most random, hilarious, and—if their parents knew what they shared—potentially embarrassing requests.
  6. Neck massager to work out the kinks left there by the very sweet (but also very clingy) child that hung onto that very patient SGL’s neck during the entire Bible story time.
  7. Purse with multiple pockets and hidden places perfect for hiding small trinkets and candies to give to kids at any chance meeting outside of the classroom.
  8. Sturdy travel tumbler that holds lots of yummy coffee necessary for that extra boost of caffeine right before walking into the classroom.
  9. Nap pillow because Sunday afternoon isn’t complete without one good nap.
  10. Large journal for recording all of the sweet and amazingly insightful comments that preschoolers share as you all sit on the floor with them and listen to their hearts process God’s love for.

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