You are late again.

“But it won’t matter because there are other volunteers who will be there.”
“I will make it before we really get started.”
“Surely no one will notice if I am just a little late each week.”

You have made the excuses above.
You have had a hard time getting your kids out the door.
It takes too long for everyone to eat breakfast.
You can’t find your keys.
You can’t find your shoes.
Oh, “has anyone taken the dog out yet?”
His shirt needs to be ironed. Her pants need to be ironed.
“Just wear it dirty. No one will even notice!”
We overslept!!!

Some mornings are hard to get out of house. We understand that.

We have asked a lot of you small group leaders. We have asked you to show up each week, on time, and teach, invest, and love on preschoolers. We have given you a lot of responsibility.

But being on time is important.
It shows…

…PARENTS you care.
When you arrive on time, each room can open when it is supposed to open. It allows preschoolers to enter into a classroom where they can engage with a small group leader each and every week. It communicates to the parents and children (who did arrive on time) that we value this time and want to make the most of it.

…WE are ready.
If there are not enough volunteers in a room to open a room we communicate to parents that we were not ready for them. When volunteers have arrived and are ready, we communicate a bigger message to our families: you are important to us. It’s the same reason that we clean our homes before the guests arrive, not while they are there. Our families are important and we want to let them know that.

…YOU are ready.
When you arrive on time it allows you to make sure the room is set-up, and for you to be ready for when the preschoolers enter the room. If you are still cutting, arranging and cleaning, your preschoolers will notice. When you are ready, you communicate to those preschoolers that you really care and love them.

So, make sure that you have those matching socks this week and be ready to make the greatest impact that you could possibly make: a first impression of Jesus on the heart of a preschooler.

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Cass is a husband, daddy, and the Children’s Pastor at Johns Creek Baptist Church, in Alpharetta, Georgia. He is incredibly passionate about kids and families, and partnering them with the church, and seeing parents win at home. He is incredibly blessed with his beautiful wife, Mary Beth, and five amazing, wild, and awesome boys!

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