“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”

This has to be the biggest lie that has ever been told, because no matter who you are, words hurt. As a small group leader in a preschool ministry your words have so much power! Not only do your words have power with the children, but your words can make a huge difference with the parents, too.

Parents of preschoolers are already a little nervous. Okay, some of those parents are really nervous—about dropping their preschooler off, about trusting someone else to care for them, about the “biter” in the room. Many of those parents will linger outside classrooms, listening to see if their child is still crying or if they have gone to play with other children.

As a SGL, you have power!!! Your words can hurt those parents and leave them a nervous, frustrated wreck, or your words can filled them with encouragement, love, and trust.

I still remember one of my child’s SGLs who said something negative about the way my child was dressed several weeks in a row. It hurt. We love the way we dress our children! If it had been any other family, those words could have caused a family to hesitate before coming on a Sunday morning or leave our church altogether. Whether you like the way a child dresses or not, your words need to be filled with love!

We had another mom who came to me and shared that she would drop her child off, then stand outside the room and listen. Several times she heard the SGL talking negatively about her child. Imagine how hurtful and confusing that would be for a parent!

Parents can be very hesitant to leave their children in someone else’s care—even the church’s. But SGL leaders have the power to make that transition so much smoother by speaking words of assurance, love, and encouragement to those parents who are leaving their most precious gift with someone they really don’t know.

Your WORDS are powerful. Use them wisely!!!

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Cass is a husband, daddy, and the Children’s Pastor at Johns Creek Baptist Church, in Alpharetta, Georgia. He is incredibly passionate about kids and families, and partnering them with the church, and seeing parents win at home. He is incredibly blessed with his beautiful wife, Mary Beth, and five amazing, wild, and awesome boys!

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