Have you ever walked into your small group room and felt like something was off? The curriculum along with all the supplies were there, but there seemed to be something not quite right.

I’ve come home after leading a small group with that feeling only to realize the only thing “off” was me. Lack of patience, excitement, knowledge of the curriculum—all contributing to a morning I wished I could do over.

How did I get to that point? Most often that answer lies in where my personal priorities were during the week. After all, I can’t pour out to my small group what I don’t personally have in me. I have to be sure that I’m setting priorities and then seeing them through in my life.

How do I make spending time with God a priority?

It seems slightly hypocritical for us to look at the kids in our small group and champion them on in their own personal time with God only to be failing at this in my life, doesn’t it? I can’t ask a parent to use a resource with their child in their home and not be willing to sit down with my own children and do the same.

I don’t have to be legalistic about my time with God, but I need to be living a life that is in connection and communion with Him—however that may look. Kids can smell inauthenticity a mile away, so we have to be sure to be living out the words that we’re speaking into our small group.

How do I make my personal relationships a priority?

I have to remind myself to prioritize my time with my husband consistently. We have to set dates, spend time together after the kids go to bed and talk out whatever issues that arise. My kids need to see me be intentional about setting my phone down and solely focusing on them. Don’t let social media dictate your time. When it comes to my friends, I have to remember that my time with them is good for my soul and pumps oxygen back into my life, and because I know this I can’t make excuses not to spend time with them. Time with friends makes me a better wife, mother and all around person.

What priorities are you setting for yourself this month to keep you healthy spiritually and emotionally?


By Kelly Stockdale
Grace Hill Church
Collierville, TN

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