I have the privilege of leading a large team at a large church. As part of that privilege
we get to specialize a bit more than most youth pastors who have to do everything
themselves. Most have to create the environment, find volunteers, equip volunteers, and
are in charge of doing that for multiple departments.
But because of our size, we get the spread things out a bit. And, by far, the hardest role
to fill is that of the Groups Director. At North Point the groups director is in charge of
one thing: Our Small Group Leaders. Their job is to find great SGL’s and encourage and
equip them while they are with us.
The reason it is such a tough role to fill is because it is the role I’m most picky
about. These folks, when they decide who to allow to be an SGL, are deciding the future
of our ministry.
I believe our ministry will rise and fall…
not on my leadership
not on our ability to create a great program
not on our band or worship leaders
not on the quality of my communication skills

but on the quality of the people we partner with in ministry. Our small group leaders are the lifeblood to what we do. Did you know that what you do is that important? I’m not surprised if you didn’t…most folks underestimate the impact they can have when
they Lead Small.
So, the interview process to be an SGL is VERY important to us. In fact, many people
say that it is tougher than many job interviews they’ve had. We are looking for the best. We do applications, background checks, observations, etc.
We learn lots about people…but most of all, we are looking for what drives each person
to want to Lead Small.
Here’s what we’re looking for…

▪ A love for helping students gain an authentic faith.
▪ A desire to incite students’ wonder at what a BIG God we worship
▪ A drive to provoke students to discover who God made them to be
▪ A need to fuel students’ passion for God and others
▪ An understanding that relationship takes time and patience.

And you can imagine, we get a bit nervous when we talk to…

▪ Someone who feels like they “should” help out
▪ Someone with a “soapbox”
▪ Someone desperate for a relationship themselves
▪ Someone in it for free donuts or babysitters (you’d be surprised)

Leading small is a tough job. There’s no sugar coating it. It takes time, commitment,
and sacrifice. And the only way to do it effectively is to go in knowing the right reasons
are driving you. So, as you consider what it means to Lead Small, make sure to ask
yourself…  “What is driving me?”

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Tom Shefchunas

Tom is the North Point Ministries Multi-Campus Director of Transit (Middle School). Tom’s passion involves working with campus directors and their teams, as well as recruiting and developing the hundreds of volunteer small group leaders it takes to pull off Transit at the five churches of North Point Ministries. He is the co-founder of Uthmin.net, a place for middle school ministers to gather. Tom also co-wrote Lead Small with Reggie Joiner, a resource for children and student small group leaders. Tom and his wife Julie live in Cumming, Georgia, with their three children, Mac, Joey and Cooper.

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