Ultimately people need people, everybody needs a circle, and every kid needs a TRIBE.

As SGLs we sometimes focus so much of our energy on reaching kids that we do not realize how much WE get out of being a SGL. When I think about tribes, it makes me realize that even though our job is to create a “tribe” for our kids every week, while we are doing so we are also creating a tribe for ourselves. Am I saying you should be confiding all your personal business to your four-year-olds? NO, please do not do that. What I am saying though, is that your preschool “tribe” puts you with people, and in circles that you may not have been in if you were not a SGL.

Let me explain.

People need people. We all want to be known. We all want to find a place where we belong. When you become a Christian and find the right church home for you, you find that place where you belong. When you find a place to serve at your church you not only feel more of a sense of belonging, but you are also in a better place to help others feel welcomed and known.

Everybody needs a circle. This is for all of us, not just kids! We all live in circles, our inner circle, social circles, spiritual circles, and global circles. We all need a community that is formed by a common thread among each member. By being a SGL the people in the department where you are working are your community, part of your circle. Your director, the registration people, the storyteller. Those are all people that you get to see and check in with each week! That would not happen if you were not serving.

Every kid needs a tribe. And guess what? YOU are providing that each week! Do not forget the impact you are making on a child’s life just by SHOWING UP and being that other consistent spiritual voice in a child’s life! When you made the decision to be a SGL you ultimately decided to invest your time in these kids so they would know without a doubt that church is a place where they are known, they are loved, they are forgiven, and a place where they belong! You cannot make a child feel those things if you are not there to prove it to them week after week, time after time!

When I think about my tribe, I cannot help but think how blessed I am to GET to be their SGL.

How has your tribe blessed you?

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Jenny Zimmer

Jenny is a California native and Preschool and Family Life Director at Discovery Church in Simi Valley, CA. For over ten years she has been doing ministry work. Working with young children is her passion, which is why she is also a part-time preschool teacher. Having two older children of her own, Paige and McKenzie, Jenny recognizes the significance of spending time with children. At the same time she knows the value of family which is why when she is not working you can find her with her husband Jim, daughters, and dogs enjoying the California atmosphere.

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