You just never know what each day with your few may hold and which day could turn out to be THE day.  There were a lot of THE days in the Bible and the people who helped those days happen were simply living their life, day to day in the lives of those who they were influencing.  By choosing to be consistently present in the lives of your few, you are setting yourself up for a front row seat to watch the amazing plan God has for them begin to unfold.

Remember the day Miriam watched over Moses when his mother relinquished him to the river in a basket?  Had she not stayed she would have missed THE day that Pharaoh’s daughter discovered the basket and rescued Moses.  Because Miriam was present, she was able to volunteer to “find” a Hebrew mother to nurse the baby until he was old enough to live in Pharaoh’s house.  When Moses was reunited with his mother, that was a “remember THE day” moment for her and allowed Moses to have his earliest years in a home that introduced him to the one true God of Israel.

Remember the day that Samuel anointed a young shepherd boy?  David wasn’t even in the room, but Samuel listened to God, waited for David to come in and anointed him in front of his entire family to be the next king over Israel.  Samuel didn’t just show up, he waited for David.  This was definitely a “remember THE day” moment in both the lives of David and Samuel.

Remember the day that a mom (assumedly) made a lunch for a boy that would be used to feed over 5,000 people?  No doubt she made lunch for this boy often, maybe every day.  She had no way of knowing that the lunch she put together would be talked about throughout centuries to come.    She just did what she did, every day.  But this day turned out to be a “remember THE day” experience in that boy’s life as Jesus shared that lunch with the entire crowd.

Remember the day when Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus to the temple when He was 8 days old?  Remember Simeon and Anna?  Talk about some consistent volunteers! They were always around the temple.  But this day was different.  This day the prayers of their hearts were answered.  Simeon held baby Jesus in his arms and praised God for allowing him to live to see Israel’s redemption.  Anna, too, told all who were there that day, this is the child who will save Israel.  This was a “remember THE day” for all that were within hearing of these voices, including Jesus’ parents.

We all take vacations, as we should.  Everyone needs to rest! And there are days we are sick and can’t be with our kids; we love to share everything but germs! But if you can be present, be there.

You just never know if today may be a “THE” day in the life of your few.

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