I think it’s safe to say that everything in a preschooler’s world is very different from whatever you had in your preschool years. These kids can control iPads, smart phones, TV’s and computers better than some adults.  They live in a very fast paced world, full of entertainment possibilities. So how can these things help you as a preschool SGL reach your preschoolers better? Here’s a few things I’ve noticed that are “hot” to preschoolers and ways you can adapt some of them to your SG

Music: Preschoolers love music! It goes hand in hand with their love for repetition and being silly. Walk through the kids clothing department at any store and you will find multiple “Rock Star” shirts. It’s why The Wiggles, Barney and now, fantastic rockin’ music groups like The Fresh Beat Band, The Laurie Berkner Band or Ralph’s World are so popular. It’s fun, full of repetition and lots of silliness.
Music is a great way to remind preschoolers of something. Use a certain song to trigger an action like cleaning up or loving one another. Amberskyrecords.org has some fantastic music for preschoolers. If you haven’t tapped into that resource yet, you are missing out!

Technology: Some of us have a hard time with this area. But preschoolers are adapting to it so fast. It’s interactive. It uses their brains, and they have fun while doing it.
So why not adapt it to your SG time? There are tons of apps for phones or iPads where silly sounds can be used. Say your bottom line and when a certain word of your bottom line is used, play that sound effect. At my church we use something called the ParentCue app that connects parents to their preschoolers through what’s happening in church each week.

TV: Can you say adventure, problem solving and more adventure? Yes, that’s what great preschool TV shows of today consist of. Jake & The Neverland Pirates, Octonauts, Backyardigans, DocMcStuffins, – all great adventure shows! It’s as if these shows create a virtual sticker chart. Preschoolers love to do something and then celebrate that they did it!

How can you apply this to your SG? Create a scenario that would or could occur in your daily preschoolers’ lives and have them solve the scenario by using the bottom line for the week. And you’d definitely gain some “cool points” by name-dropping a few of their favorite TV shows occasionally.

Humor: By the preschool years, kids are humor veterans. After all, they’ve been smiling and laughing for years. A reliable host of tricks and jokes will crack them up, and even as preschoolers get older, they continue to be amused by many of the things they found funny as toddlers. It’s why Goofy is such a timeless favorite Disney character.

Peek-a-boo will still get a laugh, only now kids like to extend it into giggly games of hide-and-seek. Expect your preschoolers to continue to enjoy using objects in silly ways — putting something on your head that doesn’t normally belong there or pretending a toy car is a phone.

It’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s hot when you are leading a group of preschoolers. Knowing their favorite music, games, or TV shows can earn some major relational points. What are a few “hot” items for your preschoolers?

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Danielle Schneller

Danielle is a mom to three preschoolers. She has served in her local church as an SGL for all ages, pre-school through student ministry as well as recruited and trained small group leaders.

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