The little boy who bounds into the room each week with a story to tell

The little girl who twirls her way into the room, sits in your lap and tells you about her favorite doll.

The boy who holds tight to his mothers neck, eyes full of tears and doesn’t want to be left.

The girl who sits in the corner and stares at the door longing for her dad to pick her up.

Every child who enters the classroom has the same thing in common… they want to feel loved.

They want to know they matter.

Love is at the core of the Gospel and if we tell the stories, sing the songs and do the crafts, but love does not radiate from us, we have failed. Love should be central to what happens inside every room of the church—especially in your small group environment.

Our few don’t just want us to tell them that they are loved. They want us to PROVE IT.

You have heard it said, “Actions speak louder than words.” Preschoolers believe this more than any of us. They want to see it, not just be told it.

You are doing more than filling a spot. You are giving preschoolers a picture of a loving heavenly Father that wants to be their friend.


They need you to SHOW UP. They need you to be there consistently, each week. You might be the only consistent face in the life of that child during the week. Every child needs someone other than their parents speaking truth and love. Being willing to be that consistent voice… that’s love.

They need you to KNOW THEM. When you show up, you begin to know them. You begin to know what they love, where they have been, and what they are doing. When you begin to know them you see how God created them uniquely and you can begin to step into their lives and show them that they matter and have worth… that’s love.

They need you to NEVER RUN AWAY. Rules are hard to follow sometimes: for you and for the preschoolers. But imagine the feeling when one of your preschoolers breaks a rule and instead of moving away from them relationally by yelling and sending them off to sit alone, you lean in and show them that you love them. It doesn’t mean that there are not consequences for our actions, but rather it shows that you love them no matter what. Imagine the feeling the ‘hard-to-deal-with’ kid feels when you lean in and are genuinely excited to see him each week. When you don’t run away… that’s love.

Love over Time makes a huge impact in the life of a child. When we show up, know them, and never run away, we give our preschoolers an incredible picture of their worth and PROVE our love for them.

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