I know this blog is for small group leaders, by small group leaders so you will have to forgive me… I am not a small group leader. But I am a parent of a child who has grown up in the small group environment and want to share a story with those of you who are small group leaders…

My wife and I were driving home from church a while back and asked our 4 year old what he learned in small group… he proceeded to tell us the story of Zacchaeus. It impressed me so much, when I got home, I asked him to tell us again and recorded it so I could share it with his small group leader. So… if you ever wonder if what you say and do during your small group time with a bunch of preschoolers matters, here’s proof that they are listening and soaking it all up:

Yes, I am a proud papa – and have to say slightly impressed with my son and the fact that he can pronounce Zacchaeus’ name so well!

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