“What do you want for Christmas?”
“What are you asking Santa for this year?”
“What color [truck/bike/toy] do you want?”

Chances are, the kids in your small group are being bombarded with these questions
on a daily basis. How do I know? Because I am guilty of giving my 3-year-old
nephew the same third degree every time I see him. I can’t help it. I just love hearing
him excitedly squeal, “Three green Mack trucks!!” (That’s all he’s been asking for
since Halloween)

But what message are we sending? I hate to admit it, but my nephew is undoubtedly
more excited about Santa than his Savior. And what 3-year-old wouldn’t be? Santa
brings him whatever toy his little heart desires. His Savior is a baby. And in his mind,
a baby is his little sister who screams and takes his toys.

The gift of a Savior is being overshadowed by the gifts from Santa.

So let’s take a minute to refocus our thoughts on the greatest gift to have ever been
given (yes, even better than three green Mack trucks). Check out this adorable
telling of the Christmas story. Share it with the kids in your life. And maybe next
time, instead of asking what gifts Santa is going to bring, strike up a conversation
about the gift their Savior has already given them.

The story of Christmas as told by the children of St Paul’s Church, Auckland, New

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Lauren Terrell

Lauren has a degree in elementary education, led the same high school small group for the past 4 years, and will soon be learning the ins and outs of the preschool world as she and her husband clamber through parenthood with their new baby girl.

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