…if you think you’re saying it too much, you aren’t saying it enough

It’s the way we learn almost everything we learn! It’s the way you learned the alphabet. It is the way you learned your colors. It is the way you learned to hit a ball.

As adults, we get very bored hearing the same things over and over and over again, but if you’ve been around preschoolers you know there is no such thing as reading Cat in the Hat, watching Barbie Nutcracker, or singing Mary Had a Little Lamb too many times. Although you may be pulling your hair out by round 12, your preschoolers are soaking up more and more each time an action repeats.

Imagine if we expected our preschoolers to learn the alphabet after only hearing it one time. Imagine if we wanted our preschoolers to know all of the colors by just looking at a box of crayons once. Imagine if we wanted our preschoolers to hit a homerun the first time they swung at a ball on a tee. It just wouldn’t happen.

Preschoolers thrive on repetition. That’s why it’s important to create repetition in our small groups:

  1. REPEAT small group leaders. By having the same people each week you create an environment of relationship and your preschoolers expect and look forward to seeing you each week! This is why promotion Sunday is so hard for preschoolers…you have messed up their repetition.
  2. REPEAT your schedule. Do the same things at the same time each and every week. You might get really bored with the same schedule, but your preschoolers will know what to expect. They thrive on consistency and this is a great way to make them feel more secure each week.
  3. REPEAT Scripture. Say the verse 10-12 times every time you are teaching it. You might get bored saying it over and over, but your preschoolers will be writing those Words on their hearts forever!
  4. REPEAT transition times. Greet the kids when they arrive in a certain way each week. Tell them goodbye in a fun and loving way. Use music to change from one activity to the next. They will quickly learn that when they hear a certain phrase or song they know what to do.

You will feel like you have said the same things a hundred times within an hour. You will feel like you have done the same thing so many times that you could do it in your sleep. You will feel like you need to change it up, so you will not get bored. But keep REPEATING, because your preschoolers are soaking in more than you know. And you are laying an eternal foundation that will one day lead your preschooler to a personal relationship with Jesus.

REPETITION is worth it!!!

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Cass is a husband, daddy, and the Children’s Pastor at Johns Creek Baptist Church, in Alpharetta, Georgia. He is incredibly passionate about kids and families, and partnering them with the church, and seeing parents win at home. He is incredibly blessed with his beautiful wife, Mary Beth, and five amazing, wild, and awesome boys!

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