You know the songs we sing every week in Pre-K world? The ones that get stuck in our heads, drive us a little crazy and are great torture tools for friends when we want to take them down the crazy road with us? Well, there is a purpose behind those—one that is not diabolical. They are to help an idea stick in the heads and hearts of our preschoolers. Here’s a sample of what can happen when these kinds of songs are introduced. (Make sure to watch my dog in the corner of the screen – he’s completely enthralled with the performance!):

Andrew from LeadSmall on Vimeo.

Now… aren’t you glad we have those silly songs that speak truth into the lives and hearts of our littlest worshippers?

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Kristie McCollister

Kristie has worked with students for 25 years as a director of student ministries, a small group leader, a Sunday coach, or a coach for student sports teams.

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