Transition time! It can be a challenge to get a lot of little bodies from one spot to the next in an orderly manner, but it’s not impossible. Sure you’ll have your occasional straggler, because kids are kids and that play-doh you just finished with is way more interesting than the next activity.

This is when you pull them in as a special helper, or a dancing partner! Music is a big thing for me. I love to use music to transition activities. Music can capture a child’s attention. It can help define a routine. Music is their cue to what’s coming next. It’s amazing that just after a few times of singing the same song, kids will fall in line and even the little ones know what to expect when they hear certain songs (My favorite transition is to snack/lunch time… think Pavlov’s dog). If you don’t know any fun transition songs, check the internet or ask a co-teacher. You can even “assign” a favorite class song for each transition time.

Kids love routine. The more you can equip them with an understanding of what they do when, the better.

If music isn’t your thing, or if you want to spice it up a little, I also like to incorporate what we are learning into how we transition. For instance, if we are learning about farm animals, I’ll ask the kids to make the sound of a certain animal as they move to the next center or activity. Similarly, if we are learning numbers or if there is a significant number in our Bible story, I might have the kids take that number of hops to the next center.

The neat thing about these ideas is that even in the transitions, these wonderful little guys are learning! What are some ways that best work for you?

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