One of the hardest parts of leading small is moving our few up to the next class.  After all, they are our few!  But we knew coming into this that they wouldn’t stay ours forever, so now that summer is here, the time has come to promote them, the next question is how to make this easy for everyone. 

Step 1!  We want to make it easy on our few.  Even though in our heart we hope that we are their favorite grown up and even though we want them to love us most of all, transitioning will be easiest on our few when we “talk up” their new class.  Point out all the fun things they will be able to do in their new class that they couldn’t do where they are now.  Talk about their new small group leader and how wonderful it will be to be in his/her group.  And begin to talk about it several weeks in advance.  Most preschoolers do better with lots of notice, rather than sudden change. If you can go with them into their new classroom the week before they transition, it takes away some of the apprehension of a new place.  Give them all the reasons you can think of to be excited about their new class.

Step 2!  We want to make it easy on the parents.  At least a few weeks before promotions, give your parents as much information as possible about the process. Let them know the date the promotion will take place.  Let them know the name of the new small group leader for their child.  Give them any information regarding check-in, check-out, safety procedures and materials that may be different with the next class.  The more they know about the class their child is moving into, the more comfortable they will be with the move.  If possible, send the parents of your few a final card with a note inside sharing some of your favorite memories with their child and assure them that you will continue to pray for their child, and their family, even though they have moved on.

Finally, Step 3.  We want to make it easy on the new small group leader.  During the time you have spent with your few, you have learned so much about them.  Of course, you know their birthday, parent’s names and food allergies.  You know their favorite cartoon character, the name of their cat and even the name of their imaginary friend.  You know who is afraid of the dark and who doesn’t like bugs.  You also know who has had their grandpa passed away recently and whose dad has left the family.  Pass this information on to their new small group leader.  What a great head start they would have in connecting with their new few!

Moving them out is never easy on our heart.  But we can do our part to make it easy on everyone else!

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Barbara Graves

Barbara loves God, children's ministry, coffee, the Braves, and her granddaughter Eden-Grace. She's been in ministry for over 30 years and wishes she didn't have to sleep so she could write, teach, and read a little more.

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