When you volunteer in any area, it’s easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to wonder, “Am I really making a difference?” “Do my efforts mean anything at all?” Well, take it from me—you are and they do!

I’ve been working with preschoolers on Sunday mornings for more than a decade. A decade. People, that’s a long time. My own child was born, went through the entire preschool program and is now about to graduate out of the elementary program. Yet, every Sunday, I’m found in the preschool area. I can’t seem to leave.

When people learn of my tenure, there is always a reaction. Sometimes it’s awe. Sometimes it’s the “you’re crazy look.” And, sometimes, it’s that knowing smile. They get why I come back every week. It’s because I know I’m making a difference.

– I make a difference when a child who cried for two months at drop-off finally walks right in the room and straight into my arms.

– I make a difference when Johnny stops playing with the trucks long enough to listen to the story and is excited when we retell it together.

– I make a difference when Suzy crawls out of my lap where she’s spent several Sundays and interacts with the Bible storyteller.

– I make a difference when Bobby’s mommy asks him what he learned today, and he is able to respond, “Mommy, did you know God made you? He did. He made you, and He made me!”

– I make a difference when I take the time to build relationships with the preschoolers I am blessed to serve. I make a difference when I take the time to get to know their families. I make a difference when I give a child their first glimpse of a God who made them and loves them.

– I make a difference every Sunday. So, I return every Sunday. Like I said: I can’t seem to leave!

How have you made a difference?

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