As SGLs of preschoolers and infants, how we love our kids NOW is going to play a major role in the adults they become.

According to the World Health Organization, “Research now shows that many challenges in adult society-mental health problems, obesity/ stunting, heart disease, criminality, competence in literacy and numeracy- have their roots in early childhood.”

When I read this and thought of the fact that we only have about 40 hours a YEAR with our kids, it really made me think about what we are doing with that hour! How are you showing your kids love and making believe that love?

Sometimes I think we might be so focused on teaching them the story, memorizing the bible verse, and making sure they get all the crafts done and games played, that we might be missing the most important job of the day: LOVING them.

I’m always telling my infant leaders that their most important job is to just LOVE on those babies! But, let’s be real, what’s not to love about a 3-month-old baby? That’s easy to do!

The harder job is that of the SGL who has a whole tribe of kids in their terrible 2’s! It may be a little bit harder to show that tribe your love as they are screaming “NO!” in your face, or wetting their pants because you didn’t get to the potty fast enough, or as they are running around the storyteller because they don’t understand “sit and listen!”

However, no matter the age, our kids need to be told and shown we LOVE them!

We have to remember that preschoolers speak a different “Love” language than adults. Here are some ways that we can show them love:

~ Know their names!

~Bend down to their level when you greet them and talk to them.

~Tell them you are happy to see them.

~Comment on their “cute bow” or “cool shoes”; when you do this I promise their little face will light up!

~ When they act out and you have to talk with them about behavior (and at some point we all do!) follow that conversation up with the fact you still love them and are their friend, even when they make a “bad choice.”

~ Show up! Be consistent!

Is teaching them the bible story, helping them memorize a verse, dancing with them to the virtue song, and crafting with them important? YES! However, these will all become easier when a child knows that you love them and trusts you. When you show a child that you love them Sunday after Sunday, week after week, it proves to them their worth!

After all, love over time is the one thing that matters the most!

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