As a mom and now grandparent the SGL has become gold to me! I have seen leaders young and old pour out their love, support and presence into the lives of my grandkids week after week, month after month and even year after year!   I have observed them showing up at their ball games, sending them birthday cards and greeting them each week at the door of their small group room. Each time they “show up” they are speaking volumes to them, “you are special, made in the image of God, you have value and you are loved! “ This will impact my kids and family not only in the present but also in the years to come. Guess what? My kids have been in the small group model since they were preschoolers!! Isn’t that incredible?

“The smallest of these” can be influenced in small group? YES! I think sometimes churches and parents do not realize the value of small group for the “Littles,” Sometimes they are forgotten under the fog of “childcare.” Please allow me to share a very personal story with you to celebrate the legacy of Small Group Leaders everywhere!!

Our granddaughter Sadie is 5 going on 15 it seems; she has been in church since birth. We attend an amazing church where small groups are valued and small group leaders are our heroes! Each week Miss Grace and Mr. Jeremy are there to welcome her and love on her. They listen to her stories and ask some really great questions to spark conversation. They celebrate the things in life that are important to her and they share the love and grace of Jesus with her consistently. I get teary-eyed just writing about them, they just cannot imagine how they have blessed our family! You see we have other voices speaking into Sadie’s world, they are saying same things we are saying at home, so it the impact is so much greater in her heart.

She has taken the step to ask Jesus into her heart and has now voiced her desire to be baptized. Our church does this incredible job of celebrating life change and for baptisms they do a video and share the story of each one that is taking this faith step. I was driving Sadie to dance class the other day and she told me that she went to a class and she is getting baptized, of course we did our happy dance, car style and she goes on to tell me that she will be in a movie. As any diva would be, she was elated and began telling me who she wanted to thank in her faith story and guess who she named right after her family, yes, you guessed it correctly, her SGL Miss Grace and Mr. Jeremy!

This Nan has no words that can adequately express my gratitude to all the Miss Grace and Mr. Jeremy’s out there, but please know that what you are doing is making a HUGE difference in the lives of kids from the time they are born until we launch them into this big, beautiful, yet scary world! PLEASE do not stop, our kids and the mission is far too important. Thank you Small Group Leaders for the lasting legacy you are living out loud to our kids and families! YOU are our heroes.


Terri Jones







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