If you are in preschool ministry, you know that reaching the heart of a preschooler can be a ton of fun—lots of giggles and smiles.  But what about the more complicated task of getting through to the brain of a preschooler? Preschoolers are quick friends but stating important information in a way which it will stick—and be understood—proves to be a bit more challenging, doesn’t it?

The other day I was playing with my own three preschoolers and it occurred to me that God wired them all with different types of learning styles. One child is not better or smarter than the other. I just have to learn how to lean into each child’s particular learning style for something to connect.
Then I realized: Is this what I could be missing with some of the kids in my small group? We can sit in our SG and recite our bottom line over and over in a fun silly little rhyme, but it doesn’t mean that they are all going to fully get it. Adding a hands on activity will help others get it better than those that got it during the reciting.
Some children learn best through visual activities such as recognizing and reading numbers and letters. Others, called auditory learners, learn first and best through listening to stories, music or instructions. kinesthetic learners are best engaged through activities that include the manipulation of objects, such as drawing, building, or being physically active with learning.
(This is a great topic to discuss with parents of the kids in your SG and connect with them about what you see in their child!)
I encourage you to take a few minutes to recognize how each kid in your SG learns things best. You may not recognize it right away. But once you do, it’s another great way of reaching the heart of a preschooler and recognizing how God made them unique! 
Have you already noticed some different learning styles in your few? Share some ways you try to reach their hearts and brains by playing into their individual strengths!

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Danielle Schneller

Danielle is a mom to three preschoolers. She has served in her local church as an SGL for all ages, pre-school through student ministry as well as recruited and trained small group leaders.

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