Let’s face it. The beginning of small group can be awkward.

One by one your kids come in and sit down and you probably ask the same question I ask, to every kid, every week…

“How was your week?”

“Did you do anything fun?”

“What’s up?”

In the first grade world, these questions are generally met with a blank stare. Occasionally an “uh…” and more often than not the “I can’t remember.”

What if we started asking better questions? Questions that were not only engaging for the kids in your group, but helped YOU as the small group leader, get to know each of your few on a new level. Questions that really get down to the core issues kids are dealing with to bring to light important discussions. Questions that helped you see how each child reasons a little bit differently, and maybe even how you can help them learn in the future?

Maybe questions like…

“Unicorns—real or fake? Explain your view.”

“Would you rather have a robot or a helpful monkey?”

“What’s something you would never eat with cheese?”

Ok. Maybe these questions aren’t exactly the core discussion questions of your group time.

But, remember that the first couple minutes of group are crucial. In just the first three minutes you have a unique window of time that can set up the group conversation to be forced and (probably) boring OR fun, engaging, and a safe place to have a voice.

Yes, the questions are…
and probably won’t lead anyone to salvation.

But these questions will…
open up the quiet kid
make group fun right away
and help you get to know your few.

Fun over time makes a friendship grow deeper. And before you can go deep with your few, start by having fun.

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Afton Phillips

Afton is on the Orange staff as the Lead Small director, but more importantly leads a small group of 2nd graders every Sunday. She was on church staff for three years before that in the Elementary world, and graduated with a degree in Children's Ministry. If you want to be her best friend, all you have to do is buy her a black coffee and let her wear a tiara all day. She strongly believes tulle skirts are every day wear and her favorite place is any giant used book store.

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