You can’t see the forest for the trees. Keep the main thing the main thing. Stay on track. Keep your eye on the ball. 

All these are great idioms that remind us that life can be busy; we get distracted. It happens at home, at work, when we drive (yikes- better not do that in Atlanta where I live!). We even get distracted when we are leading small with our few. There are Sundays when it feels like it’s all you can do to :

keep the crayons from getting broken,
prevent the juice from spilling,
stop the boys from starting a fire,
and ensure no one gets hurt or permanently maimed.

Then you have that moment of clarity of why you do what you do. I had one of those moments last week with my few. We have recently added a new Sunday morning service, so my established group has gotten a bit shaken up. We are re-building some relationships and starting some new ones. It had been a pretty rowdy day with more than a few disputes broken up and hurt feelings soothed over. One of my girls who has been with me all year ended up on the bad end of a not sharing incident, and big, sad tears started falling. I was talking to her, and said, “no tears, it will be okay”, when some of my other few – heard me and realized she was crying. Everyone stopped what they were doing. Some of them patted her trying to comfort her and asked me why she was crying. About this time the instigator of the hurt feelings began giving many reasons for what happened, but ended up—without prompting—saying he was sorry.

That was my “keeping my eye on the prize” moment of why I love my few, why I treasure preschoolers who still have tender hearts that hurt for others, and who really do try to make amends when they have hurt someone else. These moments don’t last long, and the same girl whose feelings were so hurt, will probably end up doing the same to another person in the group before the year is over, but I’m grateful for that moment in time, to remind me to stay fully present with my few .

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Gay Tucciarone

Gay is a mom of three grown up boys and a grandmother to four preschoolers. She was previously on staff at Savannah Christian Church for 15 years as the Small Groups Coordinator, and now she works for Orange where she's had to increase the amount of that color in her wardrobe. Gay is hard at work in the preschool ministry at Cumberland Community Church in Smyrna, GA. Follow her @OrangeGayT to see why we think she's so awesome!

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