I’m always saying “it’s the little things that matter”. I truly believe that you find love in the details. One “detail “we have been working on is following up with kids that we haven’t seen in a few weeks. When I started I didn’t realize that such a “little thing” would be so much work! We designed cute postcards the kids would enjoy getting in the mail. We had them all printed and cut. We figured out how to program our new database so we could get accurate attendance dates (I’m NOT a database person so this was quite the task!). We purchased postage, labels etc.

It took some time but we were so excited the Monday we put our first postcards in the mail! Until Wednesday that is when we got a few back saying they would NOT be sent because our church address was in the WRONG place! UGHHH! I’m just going to be honest: at that point I was OVER the postcard follow-up!  At least I was until Sunday.

That Sunday I saw a family walk in the door that I had sent a postcard to. (Or at least I had tried to send one to!) In my mind I thought, “Awesome, one less postcard we need to send out this week.” They had come back on their own. So, I went up to them excitedly and said, “Hi! I’m so glad to see you guys. We have missed you!”  Right then the mom looked down at the floor and said, “I know, we got your postcard. I thought we better come back.”  All I could think is they got the postcard and it worked!

So here are a few things I learned or maybe was reminded of:

1. I need to stop focusing on “what” I need to get done, and remember “WHO” I’m doing it for.

I shouldn’t have been so focused on designing a postcard, labels and mail. My focus should have been how was I going to get this family back to church.

 2. Everyone wants to know they matter.

It’s as simple as sending a little postcard to let our families know that we care about them.

In the past two weeks we have sent out 18 postcards. Five of those kids have been back, and each of those parents has mentioned the postcard to me. WIN!!!

As for me, I continue to insist: “it’s the little things that matter”.

Do your kids know you miss them? How do you follow up?

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Jenny Zimmer

Jenny is a California native and Preschool and Family Life Director at Discovery Church in Simi Valley, CA. For over ten years she has been doing ministry work. Working with young children is her passion, which is why she is also a part-time preschool teacher. Having two older children of her own, Paige and McKenzie, Jenny recognizes the significance of spending time with children. At the same time she knows the value of family which is why when she is not working you can find her with her husband Jim, daughters, and dogs enjoying the California atmosphere.

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