Ever feel like your small group time went by too fast? Maybe you didn’t get to that second craft or had to cut prayer time short. Well, don’t worry! That’s a sign you are having lots of fun. Good job!

Instead of getting caught up in checking off the list, it’s important to remember that a big part of our role as small group leaders is to make these preschoolers feel special by simply noticing and listening to them. That’s right, making them feel valuable each week may be more important than the memory verse or the bottom line some days.

Here are a few things you can do as a small group leader to make your preschoolers feel loved and important not just in small group but in life, too:

  • Teach your small group to remember the little things. Encourage them to say to themselves each time they buckle their seat belts or put on their shoes, “God is with me wherever I go!”
  • Make a point to encourage your preschoolers to count their fingers and toes often. Then ask, “Who made those fingers and toes? God did!” Tell them to show their parents. It’s a sure way to get parents and kids talking about how special God made them.
  • Tell your preschoolers to look in the mirror at home for ways that God made them special. Kids love looking at themselves in the mirror. (Silly faces are a must.)
  • Ask them each week about any events or practices they are looking forward to. Preschoolers love to talk about things they are excited for. Make sure to follow up the next week by asking how things went!
  • Mail them a short letter. I have found that if I mail a color page along with my short note, the kids will color it and bring it back to me with a lot of excitement.  It connects the dots for them that you care about them all week long, too.

Trying just a few of these tips is a sure way to get your preschoolers feelin’ the love, not just in small group, but at home, too!


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Danielle Schneller

Danielle is a mom to three preschoolers. She has served in her local church as an SGL for all ages, pre-school through student ministry as well as recruited and trained small group leaders.

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