An open email from a thankful mom.

Dear Nursery Volunteer,

If I were a better woman, I would send you a hand-written letter sealed in a floral-print envelope with a gift card to the local coffee shop.  But, truthfully, I’m not certain I can find a piece of paper in my house that doesn’t have a to-do list, an appointment reminder or a grocery list on it right now.  And the idea of trying to load the baby in the car, have her fall asleep while driving to the coffee shop, then unload her again, is more than I can manage.  Life has little sleep and much laundry these days.  I haven’t had a moment to myself, much less time to linger at the coffee shop and honestly, today I would be happy to just be able to shower for longer than 3 minutes.

So, forgive me for just sending this to you by email but as I’m looking forward to church this Sunday, I wanted you to know I’m thankful:

Thank you for letting me worship without worry for my child.  Thank you for letting me have both of my hands to clap, or to praise, or to take notes.  Thank you for letting me give my mind and attention fully to the worship of God or the study of the Word, trusting that my child is being cared for in the best way possible.  Thank you for letting me not feel the need to sneak out and peek in to see if she’s okay.  I know she’s okay.  She’s with you.

Thank you for being there every week for my child.  She can’t say it yet, but I know that she recognizes you.  I know that she feels safe with you and can sense that you love her as you rock her and talk with her.  Thanks for taking the time to get to know her, to know that she likes to rock on your shoulder, not cradled in your arms. It’s little things like that that make such a difference to me. It gives me such peace of mind to know that you know her, that you are there for her and that you love her.

You may be on the list of those who volunteer to serve our babies, but truly, you are serving us moms just as much.  Please don’t misunderstand; I love my baby.  She is a gift from God and I love her more than life itself.  But having a 6-month-old can be exhausting.  You give me an opportunity to catch my breath.

Thank you!

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Barbara Graves

Barbara loves God, children's ministry, coffee, the Braves, and her granddaughter Eden-Grace. She's been in ministry for over 30 years and wishes she didn't have to sleep so she could write, teach, and read a little more.

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