As a small group leader, you may find yourself asking these questions: “Why me?”, “Do I really make a difference?”, “Does it even matter if I show up every week?”, “Will anyone notice if I’m not here?” After all, these are preschoolers who don’t understand the dedication it takes to be here for them week in and week out.

The Bible is full of examples of God’s amazing plan revealed through the life of one average guy or girl who, day in and day out, lived a life of obedience to God. They didn’t have a clue about the huge impact they would have as they followed God’s direction. But they grew up knowing they could count on God.

God orchestrated the life of Esther, one young Jewish girl, to be in just the right place at just the right time. And she saved her nation from complete destruction.

God directed the life of David, a shepherd boy fresh from the field full of sheep. And that one boy killed Goliath and led an army to victory.

God directed the steps of a boy named Joseph, far from his family to Egypt. And through that boy, who grew to be a man, he saved not only his family, but all of Egypt as well.

God directed the life of a young Jewish girl, engaged to be married. And He gifted her with the job of raising a baby; His Son. And His Son saved the world.

God hasn’t changed. Just as He had a plan for those in the Bible, God has a plan for you and for those who you lead each week. He has directed your steps to this group and to this place for this time. You don’t have a way of knowing what He has planned, but you can rest assured there is a plan!

Your preschoolers may not realize the level of your dedication to God and to them, but they do know that they can count on you to be there. They can count on you to smile. They can count on you to listen. They can count on you to care. And when they know they can count on you, they relate that with the God that you represent. So their very earliest impressions of God and His people are that they can count on Him, just like they count on you.

And when they learn early on they can count on God, He can do amazing things in their lives!

Count on It:
1. Write down the names of those little ones who are counting on you.
2. Put that list where you can see it daily.
3. Pray that they will learn to count on God; as they know they can count on you.

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Barbara Graves

Barbara loves God, children's ministry, coffee, the Braves, and her granddaughter Eden-Grace. She's been in ministry for over 30 years and wishes she didn't have to sleep so she could write, teach, and read a little more.

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