Many of us know that potty time at church can be a stinky situation….

I have the privilege of serving as a coach in the preschool area of our ministry every week and inevitably spend most of my time changing diapers or taking eager little two and three-year-olds to the potty. In the beginning, I would cringe at the sight of the first child who needed a fresh diaper, as I knew this would be the first of many to come. However, I soon realized that even this “stinky” time with kiddos could be used to reinforce the Basic Truths being taught every week in the classrooms. And slowly, my outlook on such a mundane job became much more intentional.

I began with how I changed a diaper. I would lay the precious kiddo on the table, start the stinky business and say, “Hi Ryan, do you know who loves you?” The first answer is almost always, “Mommy” or “Daddy,” so I would say, “Oh yes, they love you very much, but someone else very important that loves you is God! Did you know that God loves you?” After a few weeks, I would notice Ryan’s answer starting to change. When I asked, “OK, Ryan, do you know who loves you?” and his reply would be, “GOD LOVES ME and my mommy and daddy of course!” I began to realize that even these stinky situations could be used to plant a seed in a little one’s mind and perhaps start their journey to finding and following Jesus Christ!

Bathroom breaks can be a bit trickier. Our children’s bathroom is a little trek from our classrooms, so I would use the long walk to find out the kiddo’s names and something special about them (what they like, how many brothers and sisters they have, etc). Then, (in between reminding them to use “walking feet”) I would ask what they have been learning in Sunday school. At first, many of the kids would just stare blankly at me as if to say, “I don’t know you and I just want to go tinkle,” but after a few weeks, the same kiddos would be holding my hand (instead of running away from me) and busting at the seams to tell me everything they have learned about Jesus that day. I would then report back to the SGLs what a great job they are doing and how much their kiddos are learning!

Isn’t God good?  He can turn the stinkiest of situations into an opportunity for us to glorify Him!  Hmmm.  There might be other life applications here, too…

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