Demonstrate Love Like Somebody's Watching

It’s no secret that kids and students are always watching us. You know it. I know it.  We also know that kids and students model what they see. It’s the whole monkey see monkey do, right?

The idea of watch and learn is useful when you’re intentionally trying to teach a baby how to stack blocks or a teach a sixteen year old how to drive. But it isn’t so convenient when a kid or student learns something they shouldn’t learn.

What I Love About My Child's Small Group Leader

As a parent, there is nothing harder than handing your child over to someone else—especially a complete stranger—but that’s what we do on the first day at a new church or in a new preschool classroom.

It’s really important for me to know who my child is around each week. And that’s what I love about his small group leaders. Barring things like sickness and vacation, they really are there every week.

Following the Leader

We’ve all been there. It’s a Wednesday night. If you’re a volunteer, you may have already put in an 8-10 hour day at your job. If you’re church staff, you’ve probably been at the church all day. Either way, you’re exhausted. The youth pastor tells you about the crazy games that will be happening at youth group tonight. They sound great, but you’re not really needed for that game so you find your spot along the wall with the other SGLs.

After all, the youth pastor has it under control.

Want to know a secret?

I lead a small group of sophomore girls. A few weeks ago, I shared a secret with my co-leader that I’ve never shared with anyone.

A secret that honestly is a little embarrassing.
A secret I wish weren’t true.
Got your attention?

My secret is that when it comes to youth ministry is that. . . I don’t want to show up.

The Third-and-a-Half Hurt

The Third-and-a-Half Hurt

When we Create a Safe Place, we keep confidential what our few say in small group. The exception is the 3 hurts: when a student is hurting someone, when someone is hurting a student, or when a student is thinking of self-harm. But we all know that the situations and...

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