If you’ve been a small group leader for more than five seconds, you know that, sometimes, leading a small group of kids or teenagers can be—well, a challenge. You signed up to be a small group leader, but some days it feels like your title should actually be something like. . .

Chaos Manager
Professional “Shhhh”-er
Snack Dispenser
Crisis Counselor
Full-Time Group Text Responder

Yeah. Being an SGL can be crazy sometimes. But you know what? We’re pretty sure it’s still the best job ever.

And in case you needed the reminder today, here’s why.

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Elle Campbell

Elle works in middle school ministry with her husband, Kenny, at The Chapel in Buffalo, New York, where she oversees small groups and volunteer development. When Elle isn’t hanging out with middle school students and their small group leaders, she’s blogging and developing resources for Stuff You Can Use—a site she and Kenny developed to connect student and children’s ministry workers with super helpful, practical, and high-quality ideas and resources.

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