I love going to the mailbox during December. The contents are SO MUCH more exciting during the month of December than any other month of the year. Why? Because of Christmas cards! I love Christmas cards! I love seeing how all my friends’ kids have grown over the year. I love hearing how my cousin has a new job or my uncle once removed has finally retired. I love, love, love getting cards in the mail!

You know what? I’ve loved getting cards in the mail since I was a kid. And my little girl, she loves getting cards in the mail, too. Ever since she was old enough to reach the mailbox, she has enjoyed going to get the mail. She always looks to see if there is something with her name on it. When there is, her face lights up like it’s (excuse the pun) Christmas morning!

My little girl has been blessed to have some amazing small group leaders over the years who have always remembered to send her a card on her birthday and Christmas. What joy to know that her small group leader was thinking about her and cared enough to send a card to celebrate a special day. As a parent, I love those cards because it helps to cement their relationship.

As a small group leader, being on the receiving end of Christmas cards, has made it even more important for me to send Christmas cards. They are such a perfect way to connect with all the families in your group. They let each child know that you are thinking about them specifically. And, they let each parent know that you feel your relationship with their child is important.

Think about that. Some parents don’t realize the significance of your relationship with their child. They may not even know your name. You’re just that lady who watches their kid on Sunday. They have yet to understand that you want to partner with them for the sake of their child. Imagine their surprise when their child receives a Christmas card from you, someone whom they consider a stranger, but their child considers a friend. Hopefully, it will catch their attention.

So, this weekend, I will be writing Christmas cards. Lots and lots of Christmas cards. I want the kids in my small group to know that I love them. I want their families to know that I value our relationship. I want every kid in my small group to have the joy of opening the mailbox and seeing a card with their name on it.

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