“You know what I think? I’m glad you’re my friend.”

I overheard this spoken by one of our Small Group Leaders a few Sundays ago.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard him speak that phrase. In fact, I’ve watched him intentionally speak that into the hearts of every kid in his small group.

Has it gotten old? Does it fall on deaf ears after a while?

Amazingly, no. These little 1st graders smile and high-five their SGL every time he says it.


Because they know he means it.

I love how intentional this SGL is about making sure these kids know, before anything else, that they have a friend in him. They have a place to belong. And that one phrase is a consistent reminder of this truth.

It’s a promise that no matter what happens, they always have a friend.

Kids need to know they are accepted. They need to know they have a place. They need to know they have someone they can count on.

As a SGL, you are the one person who makes sure every kid in your group finds their place. You make sure they hear over and over and over again that they matter to you. And repetitive phrases like this spoken sincerely and consistently over time become sure footing for your few.

In a season of life where their value can be defined by their performance, let your voice be the one that tells them that no matter what they do… they have a place to belong with you.

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