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I’m not a big fan of flying in general, but when I had to fly with my three young children, I had a whole new dislike for the experience. Like most parents out there, my kids come first. They are my highest priority. So you can imagine my surprise as I listened to the flight attendant’s safety instructions (as if for the very first time) and heard her explain in a chipper tone to put an oxygen mask on myself before caring for my three small children in the case of an in flight emergency. The thought of watching my kids gasp for air while I put myself first was ludicrous! I looked at my husband in horror and he calmly explained that I would be no good to anyone if I was unconscious or dead (he has a way with words) but this did make sense.

I have since applied this story to many areas of my life with my own kids and as a ministry leader. I think it’s important to ask this question before we step into leading our small groups: Are we putting on our oxygen mask, before we put them on the kids we are leading? Let me explain.

We want our kids to be know God’s Word and be in His Word, but are we in His Word?
We want our kids to grow in their relationship with God through prayer, but how are our prayer lives?
We challenge our kids to memorize scripture, but are we memorizing along with them?

Our kids’ excitement for God will be capped by our own passion for Him. Where do you imagine your small group to be five years from now? Do you imagine that they will be passionate about God’s Word and growing in their ongoing relationship with Jesus? Help them get there by putting on your own oxygen mask, by being in His Word and in an authentic relationship with Him. Let your kids see that you are growing in your faith. Kids learn far more from our actions than they do from our words. Before you lead your kids, allow God to lead you and you will be ready for take off!

by: Kerri-Ann Hayes

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