“Right-y Tight-y; Left-y Loose-y”

Every time I use a screwdriver, this phrase runs through my mind. A quick reminder of which direction I should turn to loosen or tighten the screw. I laugh at the idea that I still depend on this childhood phrase. But it’s right. And it works.

I have several of these phrases branded in my mind.

Be the friend you want to have.

What’s popular isn’t always right. What’s right isn’t always popular.

Don’t eat yellow snow.

Valuable phrases that come in handy when circumstances are right.

Last week I talked to a dad of one of my few after Small Group. Currently his family is walking out some pretty trying circumstances. And financially, things don’t look good. He explained to me how he takes time with his family each night to pray for God’s provision, for a job for daddy and peace for everyone.

A few nights before, after praying together, his six year old looked up and him and said, “You know daddy. We can trust God no matter what.”

That simple statement was a boom of encouragement to this dad. Not only was it a timely reminder of how God provides but it is a truth that this child has heard and now has a context in which to apply it.

With young kids, we intentionally use simple phrases to sum up important values. And we repeat them multiple times. Because at some point they’re going to encounter a situation where that value is tested. And the phrase that’s already planted in their mind now becomes imbedded in their heart.

Words matter.

As a SGL, we may not know what happens at home, at school or on the playground. But when we use what little time we have to recycle these simple phrases we give our few….

words to express what they know is true…

encouragement to sew into those around them…

footholds to help them navigate life’s situations.

What phrases did you learn as a child that you still use today? What words can you invest in your few to help them navigate life’s circumstances?

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