It’s the beginning of a new school year and chances are good you are dealing with change.

There’s something about rhythms that are comforting.  And when rhythms are thrown off, it’s disconcerting.

For most of us, change can be hard.

No matter your season in life, you notice this time a year there are changes. Even driving to work there are more cars on the road at a certain time in the morning and afternoon as parents are out dropping off and picking up their kids from school.

Like most of my SGLs, we established a rhythm through the summer months.  Things were a little more relaxed. We saw all of our kids throughout the summer, but not every single week. Many were out on vacation, or weekend trips out of town, or simply sleeping a little later after the crazy Saturday family picnic.  For whatever reason, summer brings about a different rhythm and we adjust accordingly.

But as we enter into this next season, we find we must adjust to a new rhythm.

Knowing that change knocks us off-center, a tempting statement to roll off our tongue is, “This can’t be done!” But there is one great question I encourage a SGL to ask first. For the coming weeks, as you and your few adjust to change, ask the question…

What can I do?

What can I do to help my few…

…adjust to this new room?

…feel more comfortable with me?

…set a new rhythm?

Asking this question helps you set the tone as you shepherd your group through this season of change. You’ll be surprised by the solutions you’ll find that will help your group. Create a Safe Place for your few by leading the group and watching for ways to move them through this change.

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Gina is the Children’s Pastor at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Gina is driven by the idea of equipping, encouraging & empowering parents for the journey of teaching their kids to love and be loved by Jesus. Based upon her experience as a mom, she identifies with the everyday challenges of parenting. Gina and her husband, Kyle, have three kids, Keegan, Josie and Connor.

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