Did you know your church is always searching for more leaders? No matter how big the church you serve, there is always a need for more people to invest in the lives of the kids there. As a small group leader, you play a huge role in this “recruiting” plan.

If your church leader could clone you, they would! You are the one your leaders are attempting to replicate, and you play the oh-so-important role of recruiter for your ministry. You know the people in your world, and you know who would make an awesome SGL. Part of fulfilling the responsibility of “Creating a Safe Place” is to make that safe place last for new kids and for the times when you can’t be there. So, tell your story!

Invite Someone You Love. Most of us serve because we were asked by somebody we trust, so pay it forward by doing the same for someone else. What we do always carries more meaning when we do it with someone we enjoy being with. Don’t keep it to yourself, invite others to share the experience!

Tell a Great Story. You have a great story to tell—you just need to strategically tell it to the right people. Anyone can an SGL, but not everyone should be an SGL. Find the courage to tell a friend about what serving as a small group leader has meant to you. Create new ways to tell others what happens each week with your children in group, and at times let your group help you tell this story.

Tell an Honest Story. Too often we hide the nitty, gritty from what we share. We have a responsibility with this story, to tell others that it’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Every story has great moments, and sometimes great moments are created through challenges. Tell a story of overcoming the challenges, and how they can help you continue to create these safe places for kids. Every challenge is an opportunity to speak into a kid’s life in a way you might not be able to otherwise.

So think through the people in your world and take some time to identify the people that would be a rockstar SGL!

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Jonathan Cliff is a huge advocate for families and believes that the family can be God's primary way of reaching the world that they live in. Jonathan and his wife, Starr, have a full house with two sons, Ryan and Dylan, and one daughter, Lauryn. They have also served as foster parents for many kids over the years, and have a great passion for broken families being restored.

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