I’m a small group leader and a parent. Actually I’m a parent first.

Maybe I should rewrite that first statement.

As a parent, I love nothing more than to see my kid receive attention from adults that mean them well and want to see them succeed. But selfishly, I love a small group leader that can do that while making me look good in front of my kids.

I don’t want a small group leader that is a “better voice” for my kids, I want one that is “another voice” for my kids. As small group leaders learn to embrace the role as an accompanying voice in the life of my kid, the more value my own voice has in my kids life.

I don’t want a small group leader that my kids to run to for a sympathetic ear, I want one that is an empathic ear. As a parent, I’m not looking for someone to “fix my kids” as much as I need someone willing to walk through difficult things with them.

I don’t want a small group leader that takes my kids side on everything, I want one that takes God’s side. My children don’t need another coach, they need someone else on their team. They need someone that can listen and then direct them back to the truths of scripture in a way that helps them mature.

I don’t want a small group leader that cares only for my kids, I want one that cares for my entire family. As the leader of my family, I’m desperately seeking partners to help my kids on their spiritual journey. I want someone that is sensitive enough to my kids needs to know that they are one part of a larger family.

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Jonathan Cliff is a huge advocate for families and believes that the family can be God's primary way of reaching the world that they live in. Jonathan and his wife, Starr, have a full house with two sons, Ryan and Dylan, and one daughter, Lauryn. They have also served as foster parents for many kids over the years, and have a great passion for broken families being restored.

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