The world is kind of scary.

It seems like every day we turn on the tv only to see more fear and more rejection and more hate. Parents acutely aware of the environments they are bringing their children to—not only physically safe, but mentally and spiritually safe, too.

Kids, even as young as 8 or 9 years old, can log on to social media and post a picture of themselves, waiting by their phone to see how many likes they can get. Hoping that no one has anything mean to say, craving someone to tell them how cool or pretty they are. They want to be “good enough.” They want to be affirmed.

Families are struggling. We can give them the hope that they need.

The Church has the solution for them. Where else can families go where an adult shows up every week to love children consistently over time? Where kids are intentionally surrounded by friends who play interactive games and have meaningful conversation. And where envinroments are made to be safe and secure, so parents don’t have to worry.

They can’t get that at superstores, theme parks, home or even at school. The Church has the solution these families are seeking. We can give them a safe and accepting environment. We can come alongside parents and families to help them grow an authentic faith and real hope. We can give them what no one else can.

It’s a big job. So here are just a few simple ways small group leaders can be part of this solution:

  • Your few will be looking for acceptance so be observant and affirming.
  • Watch the silly dances that they want to show you or the huge Lego building they just built.
  • Pour into them and encourage them in the little things they do.
  • Point out when they make a wise choice or share with their friends.
  • Compliment their new hair cut or the outfit they are wearing.
  • Always keep your eyes open to make sure your environment is safe and communicates stability to parents.

These simple steps will make them feel safe and accepted, something they are desperately longing for. You get to be part of solving the problem of fear and rejection in this generation. You get to be part of the solution and make sure EVERY kid, parent and family feels safe and accepted.


By Claire Ellis

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