McKenna is a Kindergarten Small Group Leader.  Three years ago she didn’t know Jesus. She was a teenager seeking more but struggling to find it. Through a series of unique events, she encountered Christ and it changed her life.

Not long after, she started serving.

Initially, she assisted a team of Small Group leaders. Helping to bring support where needed. McKenna’s shy, understated personality allowed her to fade into the background and simply help, but not lead. Her fellow SGLs knew there was more.

Through loving challenges and encouragement, McKenna agreed to begin leading her own group of kindergartners. And what we witnessed was incredible.

A year later, McKenna is one of our best Small Group Leaders. She’s not gregarious and outspoken. That’s not her style. But as time progresses she grows more confident and graceful. Watching her lead her few, it’s apparent how much joy it brings not only them, but her, too! The smile on her face is testimony to the work God has done in her life.

See, serving as a Small Group Leader is rewarding in ways you wouldn’t expect.

It brings joy.

Excitement from kids is contagious! Listening to stories about dogs that slobber and birthday parties gone awry remind us that life is allowed to be simple sometimes. On the heels of a stressful week, laughter really is the best medicine.

It deepens your faith.

Teaching scriptural truths to kids using games and activities can do more for your own faith than it does for your few. That may sound selfish… but why not open yourself up to be personally challenged by the truths you are teaching your few. Make It Personal and allow His word to penetrate your heart in a new way.

It makes you a superstar.

In some churches, kids can feel lost. There can be so many people, it’s difficult to know where they belong. A SGL makes a church feel like home to their few. And so much more. To a kid, SGL, you’re a bigger deal than One Direction at Disneyland! When McKenna’s few come to church, they know where they belong. They know they have a place in McKenna’s circle. And they can’t wait to get there.

I think we easily forget the transformation and reward that serving as a SGL brings. And this prevents us from inviting others to join us on this journey.

As an existing SGL, let me challenge you. Are you open to where God is stretching your faith as you help to stretch the faith of your few? Do you preview your teaching lesson with the attitude that this may help you as much as it helps them?

Who do you know that desires to deepen and grow in their faith? Can they join you on this journey as a SGL? What if they got as much out of it as you?

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Gina is the Children’s Pastor at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Gina is driven by the idea of equipping, encouraging & empowering parents for the journey of teaching their kids to love and be loved by Jesus. Based upon her experience as a mom, she identifies with the everyday challenges of parenting. Gina and her husband, Kyle, have three kids, Keegan, Josie and Connor.

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