My most cherished memory as a Small Group Leader happened around four years ago, with a small group of kindergarteners I had just begun leading. I had worked with this age several years back but not on such a personal level. And the thing I love about kindergarteners is that they are just beginning to understand what we are telling them. Some people in my life question why I worked with such young kids because they don’t believe they can grasp what we were teaching. But I saw things differently…

One Sunday as we were talking about why Jesus needed to die for us, a little girl pulled me aside. With a puzzled looked upon her cute, round face, she asked me if Jesus really died for her. I told her that He most certainly did. “Because I didn’t share my toy with my sister?” she asked. Her question led to a deeper conversation about how we all sin, and that sin was something that separates us from God. But I told her that Jesus willingly gave up His life so that she could be close to Him forever.

A little later she pulled me off to the side again. “But what about people who are mean to me? Does God love them, too?” I got a chance to share even more of God’s heart with her. “God loves all of us—even mean people,” I explained. “He doesn’t want anyone to die without knowing Him. You can pray for the people who have hurt you to know His great love.” She still had a puzzled look on her face but continued to listen to the story.

Before the parents came to pick up their kids, the little girl pulled me aside once again. She had so many questions. “Does God want me to love everyone because He loves them?” she asked. My heart warmed—she was getting it! Even though I knew God could speak truth to these little children, it was still hard for me to believe how easily she was understanding such big truths. I was humbled to be able to share God’s love with her at the tender age of five.

I explained that God does want us to love everyone and that His love was the reason I was her teacher. I shared that I really wanted her to know how much God loves her so that she could spend forever with Him and with me. “Thank you for showing me God’s love!” she exclaimed. “Now I want to show others how much He loves them!” I couldn’t help it—my eyes filled with tears. When she asked me what was wrong, I had to explain. God was already using her to show His love!

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