Why this might be a secret weapon…

Here’s what I know about you as a small group leader: you want to impact kids.  You want your small group to know and grow in God’s love.  And I’m sure you know how using everyday moments helps you lead small.  Some would be surprised that a little three-letter word could be such a factor in the success of small group discipleship: F-U-N! It looks different at various ages and stages, but everyone loves fun. Fun matters!   Do you factor that in?

A joyful heart is medicine (Proverbs 17:22).  It’s universal.  We all identify with what happens when we have fun and enjoy things together.  As a small group leader it’s a tool to help you hit the mark of impacting the kids you serve.

While in Michigan this month I toured a church with some amazing facilities for kids. In the center of one of the rooms there hung a universal symbol for cueing fun.  All hail the disco ball! It just made me think about how this mirrored sphere helped to signal this place is FUN! I’m sure much prayer and prep for the week had gone on by the leaders to in what they would be teach this week. However, all I could see at that moment, was that there was fun being factored in as a ministry tool.  This church was leaning in to that little word that means so much: F-U-N. While we probably can’t all add a disco ball as décor elements in our environment, we can add an element of FUN to your group. Do you factor in the FUN word?  What’s your disco ball?  Every amazing small group leader like you can add fun to your toolbox to reach kids. Celebration and delight are God’s ideas. Cue the disco ball!


Looking for more key factors to help you lead over time?  Check out the book Playing For Keeps by Reggie Joiner.

By: Misty Phillips

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