Have you ever wanted to call it quits? Whether that be in a job, in a relationship, or a discipline or routine you are trying to establish – each one of us has gone through a time when we wanted to give up—when we feel like it’s just not worth it anymore. We’ve experienced defeat, discouragement; we’ve given up hope for change, and called it quits.

Have you ever thought that maybe the kids in our small groups face that same struggle from time to time? They feel let down, because we didn’t stand up for them, when another kid was laughing at their prayer request. We said we would call them this week, yet in the busyness of life, we forgot, and they begin to wonder if we even care at all. A child shows up for small group with some heavy issues they are dealing with, but we don’t have the time to listen, because we have eight other children who are fighting for our attention. It’s inevitable, there are weeks where a child leaves small group feeling discouraged, feeling like they have been let down, feeling like they don’t fit in with the other kids, feeling like they don’t matter; they are ready to call it quits. How could this happen?

What makes a child in your SG shut down?

Stop Investing

Stop Caring

Stop Listening

Stop Fighting for them

When we do these four things, we stop building authentic relationships, and we begin to lose our voice of influence in a child’s life. Geoffrey Canada, an American social activist and President of the Harlem Children’s Zone in Harlem, New York says, “Make sure there are always other people in a child’s life who haven’t given up on him, a family member, a teacher, or a mentor.” As SGL’s we have the opportunity to be the one who doesn’t give up, but continues to fight for the heart of a child.

Be encouraged, and continue to love well and fight hard, even when they are ready to call it quits…it’s worth it!




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